Advantage Assam 2018

The challenge

Defining The Assam Advantage

The beautiful state of Assam is replete with nature’s bounty and natural resources. However, because of a myriad of reasons, such as internal strife, infrastructural drawbacks and political unrest, there has always been a cloud of anti-industry vibe hovering above the state. But after the 2016 state elections, there was a change in the government and with the change there was an insurgence of new intent. The new government wanted to change the perception towards the state and invite and embrace industries from all over the world. This thought led to the idea of hosting a Global Summit and that is where we came into the proverbial picture.

The stage was set

We were entrusted with the entire 360-degree mandate for the event and its promotion and we left no stone unturned to make the event a success. From naming the event to crafting the brand identity, and from strategizing the media plan to actually hosting the event, we did it all and how. Our team, comprising of nearly 900 professionals who were directly and indirectly involved in the project, worked relentlessly to make the summit a success. We crafted the ATL and BTL communication with the proposition - that Assam provides the ‘gateway to Southeast Asia’. This proposition worked wonders and also the films we made about the summit clearly elucidated the advantages of Assam as a business-friendly state.

Advantageously yours

The summit was staged in a scale that Assam had never seen before. More than 6000 delegates from India and 12 countries participated in the summit. Rs. 1,51,900 Crores of business announcements, business document exchanges, expressions of interest and investment proposals were received.

The Honourable Prime Minister, who was the chief guest, lauded the event and expressed the same during his plenary session speech. Our effort towards crafting the communications helped paint a new picture of Assam and paved the way for the event to be a roaring success. Brand Assam garnered a lot of positive word-of-mouth in the industry circle from the summit.

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