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Re-Energizing Metro Dairy – The Brand Revamp Story

From the day that Metro products hit the market and till date, it has always been the brand that Bengalis prefer to swear by. It is the brand for everyday dairy requirements – from milk to dahi. In most homes it is synonymous as the drink for nutrition for children. The horizontal lines on the Metro pack were not just a design element, but symbolic of poly packaged milk. It was proudly, a brand that Bengal grew up with.

The challenge

As the brand aged, it did not evolve with times and keep pace with the younger generations. The brand competition era lead to an abundance of choice and exposure of the consumers to Pan-Indian brands. Difference in taste and defined needs made way for new consumption habits. The brand dwindled to become a lingering memory. Metro being a household name and a product which has demonstrated the trustworthiness, needed to revive its imagery and perception. Having crossed the mental bridge with the older generation consumers, the time was now to build the same loyalty among new age consumers.

Milking it right - A refreshing new look: Albeit with the same memories

The team at Genesis figured that re-energising the brand was not just about making it relevant with a younger target audience, but remaining true to the product promise - a brand of milk that you grow up with. A promise held good for generations.

Since August 2018, the Metro brand has been given a new look in terms of its logo and packaging. The objective was to refurbish the look of the packaging by making it look modern, clutter-free, focussing on the important assets and incorporating cues that have been driving the brand while ensuring that it does not cause dissonance with the huge base of existing Metro consumers.

Back to the rack with a bang

The refurbished logo has been incorporated in the packaging. But since people are very familiar with the last pack, the horizontal design pattern along with the variant colours have been retained. The repetitive logo treatment on the pack has been replaced by a central positioning of the same. The illustration forms used in the packaging have been made contemporary. All of this has resulted in a distinct packaging, which calls out to people.


The ice-cream packaging was also revamped in accordance to the new look and feel. The new logo was incorporated, and an abstract design pattern was created to establish a distinct brand identity that resonates with the millennials. This design approach and the usage of bright blue colours helps the brand stand out.

The look was extended to ice-cream parlours. The seamless design pattern is striking and visible from afar.

The challenge

To further connect with the consumers, Metro Dairy has signed leading Tollywood Stars Dev and Raima Sen as its brand ambassadors. Both stars are not just popular, but are connected with the brand as well. Both stars have grown up with Metro Dairy. While considering the celebrities, one key question was the association of the stars with the brand. With Dev and Raima, the brand absolutely felt at home.

The challenge

Drink up. Grow up.

The new positioning reflects a fresh youthful approach. The quintessential thought of growing up while drinking milk has been given a smart twist.

Raima and Deb are two household names alike to the brand. Their movies connect with our audience. The story woven in the television commercial clearly brings out the brand promise. An extensive outdoor campaign along with press ads helped establish the brand, prominently through mass media. Digital marketing channels helped further the reach and ensured brand visibility and recall.

Giving the brand wings of Digital

An all-encompassing Keventer website that hosted Metro Dairy and all its products was created and developed. The usage of the latest in technology like, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, CodeIgnite ensured that the website was future-ready and now relevant.

The digital agency counselled the brand and mapped a digital roadmap that ensured reach and engagement. By leveraging varying formats of content across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – the brand was a household name again. Contests like – ‘Take a Selfie, Meet Dev and Raima’ and ‘Drink Up. Grow Up. Challenge’ were executed to further drive dialogue on social. The content created was well-received and triggered various queries about the availability of the products. Key numbers listed below bear testimony to the success of the campaign and the power that digital marketing holds to ensure the holistic success of a brand.

Metro Dairy wanted to regain market share and user love. With a well-thought out plan, Genesis not only delivered a fresh look and feel to the brand, but also helped built brand allegiance. Today, Metro Dairy is among the top 3 dairy brands of the city.

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